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Wireless 1080P Security Camera by JEZBO + 5 ft EXT CORD + LAN CABLE BUNDLE - Indoor Home Surveillance System WiFi, Motion Detector, Baby, Pet, Nanny, Spy Cam Monitor, Hidden, HD, Infrared, Cute Panda

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  • WE’VE GOT ALL THE BELLS AND WHISTLES: There are thousands of baby monitors, nanny spy cams, outdoor and indoor security cameras, audio recorders, motion detectors, and infrared nighttime surveillance systems , but the JEZBO professional has it all. Plus, it is disguised as an adorable panda , so this bullet camera is as effective as it is unique and stylish . A fun spyware accessory , the small JEZBO security cam blends easily into nurseries, kids’ rooms, the back porch or the foyer .
  • TAKE COMFORT KNOWING YOUR FAMILY IS SAFE : Not being able to keep your attention on your baby or toddler at all times can be nerve-wracking. This movable, WiFi camera can switch angles from the convenience of your app so that you have a full range of view , no matter where you are. It can monitor the real-time activity of your children or pets from your phone and the automatic child monitoring device with mic supports 2-way voice chat with clear, high-quality sound transmission and recording .
  • SUPERIOR IMAGE WITH NIGHT VISION : These 1080P HD network home security monitors provide flawless resolution , even in the dead of night . With an infrared lighting feature and 2 megapixel lens for outstanding visibility , your family will have access to superior footage, regardless of the time of day. All video and audio can be viewed and recorded from the safety and convenience of your phone . The wireless hidden camera app is easy to download, set-up, and is compatible with Apple and Android
  • MOTION SENSORS WITH NOTIFICATIONS : The JEZBO indoor and outdoor camera with motion sensors means your phone will always be alerted if activity is detected when you aren’t home . The built-in image detection sensor alerts you when there is a sudden change in the image . You can adjust this setting to “low”, “normal “, or “high” depending on the threat level you deem likely for that time of day. Your system will alert suspicious activity to you via email, push notifications, and a buzzer .
  • DISCREET FOR YOUR PROTECTION AND COMFORT : Roughly 5 inches tall and 4 inches wide, this live-streaming camera is inconspicuous and can easily be disguised . In nurseries, playrooms, and daycares , this panda spy cam can blend sufficiently with stuffed animals, toys, or child accessories. In more formal settling like the office, bedroom, or front porch , this video security cam can be hidden with plants or decorative pieces. JEZBO provides a set of eyeballs when you can’t.
  • Product description

    JEZBO - A Name You Can Trust To Provide Peace Of Mind
    You spent a great deal of time making a home and a family for yourself. Whether you’re protective over your pets, children, spouse, belongings, money , or all of the above - you should take every measure you can to ensure these things stay safe . Whether you want reassurance by monitoring your baby’s sleeping or you fear intruders will try to break in when you’re out of town, trust the JEZBO ceiling bullet camera to work as your very own watchdog, security guard, video recorder , and second pair of eyes. With a 2 MP lens, this 1080p HD camera can record excellent footage and have it sent straight to your device in real time. Compatible with Samsung (Android) or iPhone (iOS), it features both HD (720p) and FHD (1080p) . This wireless nanny cam is easy to set up and easy to use. All you need is wifi and the app for immediate viewing. The infrared feature allows for night vision. All images, recordings, audio feedback, zoom-in and angle-manipulation can be controlled from your device . Two-way voice microphone allows the user to speak through the camera to either their child, dog or intruder . It can alert the user via notifications on their phone if suspicious activity is detected.

    Steps To Set up Your JEZBO Security Cam :
    1. Download the Hapsee app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store
    2. Create a new account
    3. Power on your JEZBO cam, wait for a musical chime.
    4. Connect your JEZBO cam using the Ethernet cable provided to a port on the back of your WiFi router.
    5. Press the + symbol next to 'WiFi Camera'.
    6. Press 'Manual Add/Add by CID'. 
    7. Locate CID number + password under camera.
    8. Enter CID number + password to add.
    9. Press the Settings cog.
    10. Press Network Settings.
    11. Select your Wi-Fi.
    12. Enter Wi-Fi password.
    13. Wait for camera to sync, change default camera password to finish.
    Contact us if any issues

    Product information


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